About the author

  • Navy veteran
  • Member of Willamette Writers of Portland, OR.
  • Educated at San Jose University where I received a BA in music and did post-graduate work while earning a life teaching credential in California's secondary school system.
  • Performed in opera choruses in San Francisco and Oakland, California.
  • Minor interest in college was philosophy - a real money maker, that one. But it did instill in me a desire to include much more than story line in my novels. I can't write anything that doesn't contain some sort of social comment or thoughts to chew on.
  • After grudgingly earning a living in California's Silicon Valley, I now reside in rural Oregon where I enjoy writing and tutoring music students.
  • While living in the San Francisco bay area, my pastimes included backpacking and boating to fulfill a much needed source of challenges and adventures. Being an ex-Navy guy, I often said, "If it don't float, it ain't worth havin'." That pretty much sums up my feelings about boats and being on the ocean.

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Donald L. Ball
After a long day of carrying everything I need in a Sierra Designs backpack, it couldn't get any better than this.
Someday, if you are so lucky, try sailing on the open ocean while listening to Beethoven's Seventh Symphony. It will pretty much define what sailing is all about.