What is the significance of sewage treatment and utilization?
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The sewage contains a lot of organic matter, and the suitable temperature scale provides an excellent breeding environment for the bacteria. For example, in a southern oilfield irrigation pump, because of the growth of bacteria, the pumping inlet filter screen presents a mucous membrane, causing it to block. For example, an oil field wastewater contains 7.5×104/ml sulfate recovery bacteria; the other oil field sewage paste bacteria content reaches 1.5 ×105 particles/ml. Bacterial proliferation severely restricts the normal production of oilfield wastewater treatment and irrigation systems. For the current status of sewage treatment in China, a land-based oilfield sewage is treated and reinjected at the root, and the maximum limit of sewage is directly discharged, and then the purpose of protecting the environment is reached. In addition, the treatment of Chongqing sewage treatment for oilfield sewage corrosion, scaling and bacterial proliferation should adopt strong methods of corrosion inhibition, scale inhibition and sterilization, continuously improve and improve oilfield water treatment skills, and fully prevent metal equipment, pipelines and The irrigation system equipment is subject to severe corrosion.
Because of the rapid development of modern industry and the addition of urban population, domestic water and industrial water have been added sharply, so many countries feel that there is a lack of water. One of the ways to deal with the lack of water is to improve the recycling rate of water. Oil occupational irrigation and development of oilfields, along with the extension of the excavation time, the amount of sewage is gradually added. Chongqing sewage treatment will treat the oilfield sewage after treatment and replace the groundwater for reinjection is a method of recycling water. If the sewage treatment re-injection rate is 100%, that is, regardless of the high moisture content of the crude oil, the sewage collected from the oil layer and the sewage discharged from the above-ground treatment, drilling, and operation process are all treated and reinjected, then only the water is needed to make up the water. The amount of water that forms the formation deficit can be achieved. In this way, not only can it save a lot of construction costs of clear water capital and water intake equipment, but also turn waste oil capital into waste, implement sustainable development, and improve the overall skills and economic benefits of oilfield irrigation development.
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