Kohi participates in the cooperation of Qingdao seawater desalination membrane industry platform
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In May 2018, Kohi and Qingdao Water Group and Tianjin Membrane jointly established “Qingdao Qingshui Tianjin Membrane High-tech Co., Ltd.”; meanwhile, Kohi undertook the sales task of film products to overseas markets.
The cooperation of the three parties in the cooperation of seawater desalination membranes is guided by the National 13th Five-Year Desalination Master Plan and the Qingdao Seawater Desalination Industry Plan. The company has carried out in-depth cooperation in production, education and research, and established a desalination innovation alliance to form a complete desalination industry. chain. Sanfang Company has established a cooperation platform for seawater desalination membrane industrialization to realize the industrialization, equipment and engineering services of desalination membrane products, jointly promote the effective exchange of resources, technologies and talents in the comprehensive utilization of seawater, and promote the scientific and technological progress of desalination and the development of desalination industry.
The “Qingdao Qingshui Tianjin Membrane High-tech Co., Ltd.” jointly invested by the three parties is positioned as a seawater desalination ultrafiltration membrane manufacturing and production base to realize the industrial production of membrane modules. At the same time, it relies on the whole membrane method (ultrafiltration membrane, nanofiltration membrane, reverse osmosis membrane). The equipment technology and its system application technology form an integrated platform for research, manufacturing, application and sales covering the entire membrane technology industry chain, and strive to build a world-class seawater desalination membrane technology system platform. Relying on the resources of the three parties, the membrane module and the full-film method standardized equipment sales will be carried out by the self-use and OEM OEM sales model. After 2-3 years, the cooperation platform will be gradually developed into the membrane technology as the core, desalination-oriented, and large-scale water resources. Equipment system-based integrated solution system for membrane systems.

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