Submerged Filtration(SMF) Process

Submerged filtration(SMF) process is a new membrane filtration process derived from the combination of ultra-low pressure hollow fiber membrane technology and continuous membrane filtration technology。suitable for sand filter tank transformation,to achieve the water quality standard, equipment benefit old, capacity expansion and other goals,can save operation cost,however, it is not suitable for use in areas with too low temperature。

Continuous Membrane (CMF) Precess

Continuous membrane (CMF) is one of the advanced membrane water purification technologies. the hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane module was used as the central processing unit, it is equipped with specially designed pipeline, valve, self-cleaning unit, dosing unit and automatic control unit, form closed circuit continuous operation system, the raw water is filtered through microfiltration(MF)/ultrafiltration(UF) membrane under certain pressure to achieve the purpose of physical separation and purification.

RO Precess

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