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Shanghai Kohi Technology Co., LTD

Established in 2009, Shanghai Kohi Technology Co., LTD. is a state-owned Sino-foreign joint venture environmental protection enterprise. It integrates design, manufacturing, construction, operation and maintenance, and is an environmental service provider that strives to provide customers with comprehensive solutions.

Kohi's major shareholder is Shanghai Lianhe Investment Co., Ltd., which is a wholly state-owned investment company affiliated to the Shanghai State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. It is mainly engaged in the equity investment and management of high-tech, financial services and modern services industries. Projects invested by Lianhe include communications industry, biomedicine, new energy, environmental protection and new materials, financial services and modern services.

Nitto Denko Co., Ltd., the foreign shareholder of Shanghai Kohi Technology Co., LTD., is a Fortune 500 company with many production plants and R & D institutions around the world. It also has core technologies and products in the environmental protection field.

Kohi not only has high-quality shareholder resources, but also integrates

Domestic first-class hollow fiber membrane manufacturer-----Tianjin Membrane Technology

International first-class reverse osmosis membrane manufacturer-----Hyde Energy Company

The most comprehensive enterprise in domestic integrated water affairs------ Qingdao Water Affairs Group

Forming close cooperation with these excellent enterprises in various fields has accelerated the healthy and rapid development of Kohi.

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Company Qualification



  • The company was founded, our headquartered located in Shanghai. the shareholders are Shanghai Alliance Investment Co., Ltd and the technical team of CAS.

  • Acquisition of Qingdao Splash Anti-corrosion Technology Co., Ltd as a whole subsidiary, Members of the CAS Participate in the research and development, production and sales of anticorrosion technology.

  • Nitto Denko Corporation shares in the company, the company into a sino-foreign joint venture.

  • New shareholder Shanghai Xinhe Business Consulting Co., Ltd joined the company.

  • The company began to transform , and enter the field of environmental protection water treatment, and selling Tianjin motimo UF membrane products and the Hydranautics reverse osmosis(RO).

  • "Qingdao Qingshui Membrane High-Tech Co., Ltd ." has been jointly established by Kohi, Qingdao Water Group and Tianjin Motimo Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. Kohi undertakes the overseas sales of membrane products.

  • Set up Kohi east China operation center in Suzhou, the main business is to sell products, undertake water treatment projects, the company continues to move forward…….

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