Position Department Quota Education Area Time
Water treatment engi Su Zhou Unlimited Undergraduate Su Zhou 2018-11-13

1. Drawing up technical scheme and drawings of water treatment projects.
2. Cooperate with the sales department in the early stage of technical exchanges;
3. Be responsible for compiling technical tenders, designing process drawings and construction drawings for water treatment projects;
4. Technical guidance for field installation and commissioning;
5. Other tasks arranged by superior leaders.

Job requirements:

1. Majors in Environmental Engineering, Water Supply and Drainage (Full-time Institutions);
2. Graduates.
3. Skilled in computer office, CAD drawing and other software;
4. Familiar with water treatment process, relevant design specifications and standards;
5. Good communication and coordination skills, strong team spirit;
6. Be able to adapt to short-term business trips; be eager to learn and make progress is preferred.

Salary:Discuss personally

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